Types Of Gamers: Killer, Achiever, Socialiser, Explorer

According to writer and game researcher Dr. Richard Bartle, there are four different types of gamers: Killer, Achiever, Socialiser, Explorer.
Which one are you?

When playing video games, you probably encountered many different types of players. For example, you might come across those who would rather kill you than the in-game monsters, or those who would like to make friends with you to help you level up. Other times, you might come across those who try to beat the world bosses and achieve a personal best on the leader-boards. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are categories, or types of players and according to writer and game researcher Dr. Richard Bartle, there are apparently only 4 types:

  • Killer
  • Achiever
  • Socialiser
  • Explorer

Types Of Gamers Chart

Types Of Gamers Chart

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Each of these 4 types of gamers fall on different parts of the Bartle X & Y axis chart, and you'll be able to tell what type of gamer you are, from a simple gamer type test known as the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology. The test simply identifies gamer personality types. While each category seems self-explanatory, here is a brief description of each of the four types of gamers.

Gamer Type #1: The Killer ♣

Annoying, Competitive, Trollers, Aggressive, Hecklers, Cheaters, Wants to win at all costs

Engaged By: Rankings, Leaderboards, Tops, Exploits

Types Of Gamers: Killer

As the name suggests, Killers kills anything and everything, including other players. This can be done either in an arena, or in the world of the game, if it's not within a "safe zone". Killers can be disruptive and all around "trolls" since they'll do anything to get their victories. If you come across them, you'll most likely be on the receiving end of their wrath, and if you're strong enough to face them, they might not thank you for it. The Killer is probably one of the worst types of gamers. So, be careful when facing them, you might need to report them to the game's administrators.

Gamer Type #2: The Achiever

Ambitious, Persistent, Hardworking, Focused, Bragger, Will try all options to find the best solution for progressing in the game

Engaged By: Achievements, Medals, Badges

Types Of Gamers: Achiever

If you're an achiever, you're most likely intent on winning the game, so you look out for personal bests, trophies, and competitions. They're actually the ideal type of players, since they play the game as it's intended. They play the designated gameplay as it should be played, and understand the importance of winning, and how to win. They might be as ambitious as a Killer, but they're not disruptive or as aggressive.

Gamer Type #3: The Explorer ♠

Curious, Dettached, Patient, Adventurous, Will play the game to discover & solve all puzzles, glitches and Easter eggs

Engaged By: Puzzles, Easter Eggs, Loopholes

Types Of Gamers: Explorer

Unlike achievers or killers, Explorers take their time playing the game, unlocking every achievement they can, and finding those rare hidden objects that the game gives them. These kind of players tend to try and achieve everything, but without the pressure of winning the game. Their motto is similar to "it's in the journey not the destination" and will do what they can to exhaust the resources they're given, before achieving the end goal.

Gamer Type #4: Socialisers

Talkative, Engaging, Helpful, Will play the game mainly to feel part of the community

Engaged By: Chat, Friends lists, Group actions

Types Of Gamers: Socialisers

In an ever-increasingly interactive gaming world, from team-player games to open-world games, you'll find that there's an increasing need to socialise through the game, whether it's asking for advice from players who are more experienced or congratulating those who've achieved a goal or trophy. Socialisers (or socializers) are the type to help, no matter what. They're also the type who'll want to simply use the game's chat functions to make real-world friends, and sometimes even spark a heated discussion, with everyone.

What Type of Gamer Are You?

Types Of Gamers: Socialisers

If you're not sure about how you play a game, don't worry, there's a test you can take. It was invented by a game researcher, Dr Richard Bartle, and is used the world over, to identify what type of gamer a person is. It is essentially a types of gamers quiz where you simply answer a few questions about what you want to want to get out of a game. They'll be questions like "would you rather be a) Popular or b) Wealthy" and depending on what you choose, you'll find out what kind of gamer you are.

The result of the test isn't always a "one type of gamer" kind. Instead, you'll find out that it lists out what percentage of each type of gamer you are, and often you'll find a mixture of types under your name. You can even get almost equal percentages of some types, because your answers might lean both ways.

Different Types Of Gamers Use Different Gamer Names

If you're new to gaming, it's difficult to figure out what type of gamertag, username, or nickname, you want to use. After all, the best ones have already been taken, so what name would be perfect for you and your gaming style? If you don't know what names to choose, you can try out our new game nickname generator, to find out what name would be perfect for you. Here are a few examples of names for each type of gamer, so you can get a feel for what names will suit you.

If you want to find out more about gamertags, check out this awesome article about What Is A Gamertag.


  • The_Hammer
  • Hannibal
  • The_Killer
  • Harpoon


  • The Rapid Oro
  • Keystone
  • Lord Toan


  • World_Master
  • Lonely Slasher
  • Mr. Excavator


  • Cute Bunny
  • Pixie_Dust
  • HairyPoppins

Try the gamer name generator to generate a cool name that will fit your personality. Also check out the gamertag generator for girls if you are a girl.

Try Your Best, Start Playing!

So, now you know what type of gamers are out there, and what test you can take to see what type you are, as well as what kind of username you'll need for your gamer type. Now, why don't you try them out? There are many games out there, from MMORPGs to MOBAs and even simple idle games. If you're stuck for ideas here are a few popular games where you can test out your names:

Be careful with these games, they can get very competitive, and you might find yourself "rage quitting" before you even start. So, take the competitions with a pinch of salt and learn your way around the game before competing with others, and taking your username to the top!

Of course, if you're still stuck for a username, why not try out our game nickname generator, you'll find examples there that will be right for you and your game style. Good luck gamers! And may the best player win!